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Honda Manufacturing of America

PROJECT/CAMPAIGN: Honda Philosophy Campaign

SITUATION: Honda Manufacturing of America decided to focus on the Honda Philosophy for their Q4 Skywalk campaign to increase associates' confidence in Honda and their support of a great working environment. Each manufacturing plant has a skywalk that associates travel through to and from work each day, making it an ideal location for impactful internal signage and communications.

SOLUTION: For this campaign, I focused on spotlighting the foundation of Honda’s Philosophy. Using engaging visuals and powerful messaging, I showcased the words Respect, Initiative, Equality, Trust, Joy, and more. By creatively presenting these core values in a custom road font, I aimed to inspire an environment that symbolizes the Honda Philosophy as the road to success.

I wrote, designed, and produced a range of vibrant and captivating internal signage for this campaign, including skywalk posters, banners, ceiling banners, and video screens. The visuals are bold and colorful, aiming to inspire and captivate the engagement of associates as they move through the skywalks daily.

Skywalk Posters- scaled downFinal Draft_Page_1.jpg
Skywalk Posters- scaled downFinal Draft_Page_2.jpg
Skywalk Posters- scaled downFinal Draft_Page_3.jpg
Skywalk Posters- scaled downFinal Draft_Page_4.jpg
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