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SITUATION: Pylon Building Group, based in Birmingham, Alabama, needed to create a strong brand identity that conveyed their unique mission to open doors for people from all backgrounds in the competitive construction industry.

SOLUTION: I designed a distinctive logo, capturing Pylon's commitment to fostering opportunities. Leveraging their partnership with top contractor Brasfield & Gorrie, they're modernizing construction while prioritizing quality, care, and inclusivity. Their diverse team brings creativity and integrity to every project, redefining construction with a fresh perspective.

https___brasfieldgorrie.icims-topaz-standard v1-1x.jpg
1696871289777-topaz-low resolution-1x.jpeg
pylon_sharing-topaz-low resolution-1x copy.jpeg
1681405892041-topaz-standard v1-1x.jpeg
1693390589460-topaz-low resolution-1x.jpeg
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